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I tried to find information on the internet about the Magnifik Midget before my purchase of MM 378. But I did not find the answeres on my questions. It was then I decided to do this website.

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History about Magnifiken

It all begun 1965 when the yachtconstructor Bruno E.R Boström had drawn an oneoffbåt that was named Magnifik. It was built in wood and was approximately 8,5 metres. 23,5 kvm Coastcruiser. Bruno drew the boat to his little brother Per Olof, and he won many oceanraces with that boat. Then Bruno got the idea to build a plastic variant off the boat. This was done smaler than the original, thereof the name midget.

The production started 1966 in England.  Cresent Monarch in Varberg took over the moulds after that. Moulds has also been in Holsterbrobruk in Denmark. There is information that says that moulds also was in Norway and Finland.

Runnbåtar AB in Dalarna bought up several of these moulds, and 1972 Johnsson boats bought up the moulds from them, and begun the production in a premise in centers of Partille outside Gothenburg. 8-10 Magnifik Midget was built there each month by self-building. The interest for this kind of building took up and shut down in Partille 1977. The shipyard  then moved to Styrsö. Johnson boats once had a register over the produced boats, but it was destroyed in a fire.

You could buy the boat either completed from the shipyard, then most often them came with on board motors, Färe Göta 6 hk. Or they came as semi make. Then, you hade to build the furnishings alone, thereof varying kvalite. Then you bought a packet solution. You  got the moulds vaxed and the gelcoat completed painted, a pair of cans with polyester and fiberglass carpets. Shipyard workers and tools was around to use. 1975 was the price for this packet approximately 27000 sek, no furnishing included.

The last boats were built around 1980-81. Totaly there has been produced approximately 640 boats. Big sister to the Magnifik Midget is a Markant 30. It is 9,18 long and Bruno Boström drawn it in 1966, and started to be built 1968. However not in so many copies. Other ships Bruno have designed is Mix 31, Winga MS 31 that is a motorsaylor. Minette was built -68 to -77 in 125 copies, B 31 in 1000 copies, -73 to -78. Winga 30, -76 to 80, 260 copies. Boström 37, built in 300 copies with beginning -77. The ship that was built in most copies where B 31 Mark II that were produced between 78 and -82 in 3000 copies.